Collection: The TP Tux

We have taken the most basic necessity to a fashionable accessory.

Our vision is to reshape the way you and your guests think about toilet paper. You know a roll needs to be readily accessible for guests—but having toilet paper in plain view in no way compliments your carefully-designed bathroom. 

You may currently place it out of sight in a linen closet or under the sink cabinet, knowing guests will open a closed door when in need of this most basic necessity. But maybe closed doors should remain closed in your bathroom—just like they should in ours—so you currently have plain white rolls on an open shelf or in a decorative basket on the back of your toilet… So our story begins.

We knew we had to find a way for this necessity to become an accessory, so our mission to find a solution (along with the determination to find a way to give back) began. The 80s Barbie with a large yarn-crocheted skirt to cover the roll and the form-fitting pink flower cloth sleeve with a lace bottom that so many of our Grandmas had made us over the years were simply not an option—our solution needed to fit modern, elegant bathroom decor. Our need to find an easily applicable, disposable, and coordinating cover for toilet paper brought us to today—to The TP Tux.

The TP Tux has taken this most basic necessity from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s fashion, necessity, and accessory wrapped in one! With 50+ designer-crafted collections to choose from, you can coordinate your bathroom decor with a single collection or a combination all your own. We consistently add new collections featuring trending patterns, colors, seasons—and if you like decorating with the holiday, we have those too! Be sure to check back regularly and change your look with ease!

Using Your Product

For highest-quality application, use gentle care. To ensure a tight, proper, quick and easy fit, please view the How to Wrap The TP Tux video and follow our How to Wrap images below.

*Do not flush The TP Tux down the toilet.